New San Francisco Deck

Outerlands Design was able to design, engineer and obtain permitting with the city of San Francisco to build this ipe deck setback only 1ft from the property lines with no fire walls.  The San Francisco building department usually requires solid firewalls to be built to the ground if the deck is within 3'6" of the property lines.  These fire walls are expensive to build, block light and a unique San Francisco interpretation of the the california building code that other cities do not follow.  We were able to work with the city to find building department employees who agreed that the building code does in fact allow decks to be built within this 3'6" of the property lines under certain conditions.  If you're an architect in San Francisco, convincing the city of this is no small task.


Outer Richmond design and build

Starting from scratch, we worked with the home owners to take this Outer Richmond unfinished downstairs from exposed rough framing and a landscaping mess to a beautiful modern living space.  We designed everything with the owners, creating simple 3d computer models of the space so everyone could see the proposed transformations



An Outerlands exterior facelift

We used cedar siding, mahogany trim and a nice modern garage door to turn a typical rather drab Outer Sunset exterior into the nicest looking house on the block.

Total working time:  2 weeks.



Creating the new Beachside Cafe

Outerlands Design remodel team worked all spring designing and building out the new Beachside Cafe in San Francisco.  The owners, Pat and Buffy Maguire, have two other cafe’s nearby, Java Beach cafe (quite possibly the busiest coffee shop in the city) just down the block on Judah and Java Beach on Sloat Blvd.  The beachside location aimed to mix the good coffee and food Java beach is known for, with new food dishes and a more sophisticated coffee menu.  The idea was to provide a setting more in line with european coffee houses.  Americans have come to expect coffee houses on the order of fast food chains.  The Beachside bucks the coffee as fast food notion, each cup is made after the customer orders using beans chosen and roasted by the owners.  With this in mind, Outerlands Design set out to create a completely unique atmosphere and aesthetic conducive to what the owners had in mind.  We incorporated our trademark reclaimed / salvaged materials design but with a more refined twist.  Our goal was to use reclaimed products and wood while expanding the idea of what the reclaimed / salvaged look is.  Over 90% of our materials used came from re-used / salvaged sources. 




Outdoor seating for Java Beach Cafe 

Building the outdoor seating for Java Beach Cafe was no small challenge as the place is always packed, the line of customers extendes out the doors from dawn to dusk.  Coupled with the abundant rainfall from some of the lowest pressure storm systems of the last few decades provided for a few delays, one storm system that parked just off the coast in mid march had pressure readings as low as the eye of a hurricane.  Not to mention the tsunami alarm and the fact that the project abuts the unsheltered pacific coast about 2 ft above sea level, you could say we were happy to bring the project to a close this last week.

The project uses 90% reclaimed poplar with some salvaged oak, mahogany and walnut thrown in for highlights.  We tried to keep things light but still give the wood a little rough edge to it to match the character of the surroundings.